Aald Hielpen

The ensemble ‘Aald Hielpen’ is one of the oldest traditional costume group in the Netherlands.(1912) The colourful traditional costumes, the traditional songs and old handicrafts are the of such a great value that it never may disappear. The ensemble has a wide variety of performances and has visited many foreign countries.

Tingieterij Holland – Pewter Foundry Holland

Beschrijving: Tingieters maken hun eigen legeringen bestaande uit zuiver tin aangevuld met antimoon en/of koper. Om tin te kunnen gieten zijn zogenaamde gietvormen nodig. Deze kunnen gemaakt zijn van gietzand, brons, aluminium, ijzer of hittebestendige rubbers/siliconen. De tingieter is kan zijn eigen gietvormen te maken. Afhankelijk van het te maken eindproduct worden de onderdelen in […]


Vodago is the popular dance club of Goes, which this year is 46 years old. The association has 2 dance groups; the folklore group and adults. The folklore group organises performances at home and abroad, in costumes from the region South Beveland.


Folk dance group Oriënt was established in Culemborg in 1972. Culemborg is a town in a region called ‘De Betuwe’ which is well known for its fruit and its beautiful river landscape. The folk dance group performs dances from the Netherlands but also from many other European countries and even from Mexico, although you would […]

De Grutmoole

Folk Dance company “De Grutmoole” from Sas van Gent exists since 1979. Dutch and Flemish folk culture, music and dance have a central place in our association. We would like to give space to all those who are interested in this and who want to be busy with it. This can be done in the […]

De Schaddenrieders

The Twentsche Folkloristische Dancegroup “De Schaddenrieders” was founded at 1 November 1946. The association’s objective is to keep our traditions with dance and history alive. The name “De Schaddenrieders” derives the association from the workers who used to bring heath flags to the farms and put them in a row in the area where the […]

IOV – The Netherland National Section

  The section-IOV Netherlands operates under the wings of the global IOV World organization. The International Organization for People’s Art. Section IOV Netherlands aims to promote folk art and folk culture in a wide range of activities. It shall endeavour to achieve it’s objective by: * maintaining close contacts with IOV world-wide. * Organizing meetings […]

Folkloristic Association Markelo

The Folkloristic Association Markelo, is one of the oldest folkloristic associations of The Nederlands. The occasion for raising the dancegroup was the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina on August 31,1932. The village Markelo received an invitation to perform on the birthday party on Palace The Loo in Apeldoorn. In the beginning the performances of the adults […]

Federation of Folklore Groups in the Netherlands

Federation of Folkloristic Groups in the Netherlands is active in the following fields of Cultural heritage; * Living history, with respect and pleasure brought! * Dance, singing and clothing from the past brought by approximately 65 affiliated groups, each drawing from their own regional history. * Short performances – full evening programmes * Performing “just […]

Folkloristic Dancegroup Hellendoorn

The Folkloristic Dancegroup Hellendoorn was founded in 1955. In those days under the name ‘First Hellendoornse Farmer Dance Group’. Mr B.J. Leyerweerd, mr A. Valk and mr A. Klein Rozeboom are the initiators. The first performance of the group took place during Queensday in the garden of the Royal Palace Soestdijk. Folkdance is popular. That’s […]