Message from the Financial Director 2021

      Dear members of IOV World: Happy new year! The IOV Board of Directors wishes you a prosperous and healthy year ahead. We are committed to making 2021 another successful year and we are looking forward to hopefully welcoming all of you in an upcoming annual meeting. It must be clear that we […]

Christmas message On behalf of the IOV Board

On behalf of the IOV Board, we would like to extend to the members and friends of IOV throughout the world a message of peace. we are facing a great challenge for humanity, this pandemic is like a curse, there are many, too many deaths in every country, in every village each of us with […]

Christmas wish

To all people, who love the traditional Folk Art. The year 2020 has changed our life in nearly all aspects. The Covid-19 virus has conquered the whole world and caused great suffering in many families. All normal activities in our jobs and the spending of free time had to be changed due to the great […]

The value of the IOV Membership has been updated

Dear friends and members of IOV, as required by the IOV Bylaws, we have updated the current value of the registration fee in relation to the published GDP table relating to 2018. The amount of the membership fee is determined according to the most recent list of the gross domestic product per capita ( GDP […]

A Word from the President – IOV Website Feature

In early 2020, the world changed. Hit by a pandemic, countries witnessed a dramatic change in citizens’ everyday lives, in the ways businesses operated, in the tourism industry, and in border controls. Millions suffered as the result of a terrible new coronavirus named COVID-19. After reeling from the effects of the threat of COVID-19, the […]

Report on Book Presentation „Alexander and the History of the World of IOV“

Report on Book Presentation “Alexander and the History of the World of IOV” Thanks to the 5-G‘span-Musi and the Hinterbrühler Stub’nmusi, for her willingness to musically frame the book presentation. Brief Statement about the General Assembly of the International Organization of Folk Art Art – IOV and the Book Presentation “Alexander and the History of […]

Zdeněk Pšenica

      It is with great sadness that the Executive Committee of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) announces the death of its prominent member Zdeněk Pšenica, chair of the Folklore Association of the Czech Republic, “a nongovernmental organization made up of dancers and musicians active in the country´s Folk ensembles,” on July […]

Report of the 1ª Assembly IOV America

      In the twenty Five days of January 2019, at the headquarters of the Federal Institute of Maranhão IFMA – São José de Ribamar – began the jobs for the 1ª Assembly IOV America, with the attendant of Mr. Clerton Vieira – President of the IOV session Brazil and Executive Director of IOV […]

Announcements of WGA 2019

Dear IOV-Members, dear friends, Greetings! Here the announcements of WGA  2019 . May we express our sincerest thanks on behalf of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) for your support as a member of our worldwide organisation. I hope to meet all members to […]

Report on the participation as observer in the UNESCO-ICH-NGO FORUM in Nov. 2018

Report on the participation as observer in the UNESCO-ICH-NGO FORUM from Nov. 25th to Nov. 30,th, 2018 in Port Louis, Mauritius In the evening of Nov. 25th this event was opened with a reception of the Ministry of Arts and Culture including music and dance performances of Mauritian groups by the Prime Minister of Mauritius […]