Alexander and the History of the World of IOV

IOV History Documented

The Middle East and North Africa regional headquarters of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) published a book, which documents the life of IOV main founder Alexander Veigl and the in-depth story of the organization. The book, titled "Alexander and the History of the World of IOV", edited by the late founder's wife, Anna Veigl-Hof and printed by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage (SIH), was published in both English and German.

The English version was released to members in the IOV General Assembly in Sharjah, in April this year and was then launched by the author in Andorf, Austria, in May of the same year.

"Alexander and the History of the World of IOV", includes many articles and pictures by members of the organization, who worked with Veigl and were a part of the founding of IOV, which includes IOV World President Ali Khalifa. It also has quotes by the founder, a timeline of his achievements, honors he received and many testimonials by friends, who describe the influence Veigl had on them and how they met.

President Ali Khalifa, wrote in the forward that : "By all standards, Alexander Veigl was not an ordinary man who believed in an idea and remained preoccupied by it all his life to see it grow and expand to be as large as the world itself. He was endowed with qualities and personal abilities that can only be embedded in inspired men who worthily utilize them perfectly to the service of a noble objective."

The book also delves into the process it took to set up the IOV and shares the history of the meetings that were held, the conferences, photos and other valuable archival information.

Since its inception, IOV has evolved to include thousands of members from around the world, forming a network of folk artists, performers, researchers and students, all who are passionate about folk art and the preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage.