National Section Chair IOV Portugal



Presidente da Direção da Associação
"Cantas e Cramóis" - Cinfães - Portugal
Mobile +351 917524042

J. FERNANDO S. MONTEIRO was born in Cinfães, Portugal at June 29th, 1955. From November 1973 to September 2014 was in office of administrative functions at Cinfães’ city council, being in charge of the Human Resources department and the Administrative and Finance department later on.
From 1980 to 2015, he was the director of Associação de Cultura e Desporto and of the Coral Etnográfico de Cinfães, two recreational and cultural associations. Founder and head of the Cinfães’ Hunting and Fishing Club, he is the president of both Associação Cantas e Cramóis de Cinfães and the Grupo Folclórico de Cantas e Cramóis de Pias. The late two associations are folk groups that recreate the traditional clothing, dancing and chanting from this specific region located in the north of Portugal.
Regular coordinator of many national and international folk festivals, he is currently the president of Folk Cinfães (an annual international folk festival organized by Grupo Folclórico de Cantas e Cramóis de Pias, that takes place in Cinfães).
Fernando Monteiro is Technical Adviser to the Portuguese Folklore Federation, representative of the Tras os Montes, Alto Douro and Southern Douro regions.
Being an assiduous presence at many national folk congresses, he presented a lecture about Cinfães’ folk dances and its origins at the National Folklore Congress, an initiative promoted by the Portuguese Folklore Federation.