National Section Chair France

Bernard CAPET

Responsable National IOV
International Organization of Folk Art

6, allée des libellules
62630 Etaples-sur-mer (France)

Tél : +33 321 94 79 93
Email :

President of the national section I.O.V for France since 2009 (member 3362)
Responsible of the "International Exchanges" commission at F.A. F. N (Fédération Amicale Folklorique Nationale of France) 70 groups.
Founder, animator and President of the Arts and Popular Traditions group "Les Bons Z'enfants d'Etaples" laureat of numerous national and international reward (1968-2008)
Co-Founder of the Museum of Maritime Arts and Traditions «Le Musée de la Marine d’Etaples»
Organizer of many exhibitions on the Arts and Popular Traditions (Costumes, musical instruments, headdresses, tools, old trades ...... etc.)
Jury of National Folk Festivals in France.
Researcher, collector and animator of songs, dances, music in the North of France.
Founder and President of the festival Arts and Popular Traditions "Hareng d’Or Competition" in France. (16 French groups) (1979-2004)
Founder and President of the "Festival of Peace" (7 international groups)
Founder and President of the festival "Hareng Roi" (Traditional songs of sailors)
Collaborator of many International Folklore Festivals in France (Dijon, Haguenau, Gannat, Amelie-les Bains, Confolens, Montreal d'Aude ... etc.)
Member of federations of popular traditions in Bretagne “Warleur” et “Kendach”