Venezuela Danza y Tambor made their first public appearance in 2008. It is built by several families who proudly express their folklore music and dance. Created with the intention of bringing the dance to the beat of the drum to the great festivals of South Florida, USA. This merging to different rhythms, songs and tunes from different parts of the country where these customs and traditions are performed. Venezuela Danza y Tambor and is considered today as a great interpretation of Venezuelan culture , making out this musical expression outside our country, sharing the stage with world-renowned artists, besides having the luck to participate in other shows and scenarios Such is the case where television has been presented in several different television programs, radio stations and magazines South Florida. Venezuela Danza y Tambor is one of the most important exponents of South Florida and has become the first group that ventures with rhythms from different Latin American countries In 2012, Venezuela Danza y Tambor launches its first musical production: Parranda with Venezuela Danza y Tambor. And it launches its second production in 2016. During their successful career, Venezuela Danza y Tambor has been the recipient of numerous awards including: ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL COMPETITION As best group for its talent in 2012, best traditional group, costumes and choreography in 2013 best group with best staging in 2014, best music in 2015, best choreography in 2016 and first place 2017 - 2018 In 2014 they participated in the Mississauga festival, Canada Leaving a good taste of what is ours, in 2015 at the Carnivals of Tenerife-Spain, Latin Fest Canada 2015 in the framework of the Pan-American games. in 2016 at the Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante Spain, 2017 Yilan festival in Taiwan and 2018 Circuit presentations for 8 cities in Bulgaria and Spain Representing our beloved Venezuela. Venezuela Danza y Tambor presents to the community an unforgettable experience in every show and a delicious taste of what the whole family can enjoy. Love, enthusiasm and companionship are the ties that bind us. Thank you
12850 w state rd 84, 15-4
Fort Lauderdale
United States of America