Ulaanbaatar Song and Dance Ensemble

The dance troupe introduction of Ulaanbaatar ensemble The dance troupe of Ulaanbaatar ensemble in Mongolia was established in October, 2010. It consists of 12 dancers / 6 males and 6 females/ and 2 trainers. Dancers graduated with bachelor and master degree in dancers, choreographers, dance teacher and ballet dancer from Mongolian Culture and Art University, Culture institute and Music and Dance College. They are required some skills to perform in a group, with 2 or 3 partners and solo. Also they are allowed to dance other types of dancing. The troupe is very versatile. It can present concert based on free thinking, of traditional Mongolian arrangements of such dances, bii bieleg, Oirad Mongolian dance, center Mongolian and eastern Mongolian dance forms and standard repertoire as well as original extended works. It support and collaborates with dancer’s skill and choreographers, for it is open to ideas and experiments that explore the potential of traditional and modern dance forms. In consonance with city Mayor’s aim of sharing the artistic heritage and potential of Mongolia with all nations, it has undertaken several tours. It has been participated a lot of international competitions with Mongolian traditional bands successfully. The bands are Domog, Husugtun, Arga bileg, Ikh Mongol, Jonon, Altain orgil, Altai, Sedaa, pop opera Nuans and Uwertura.
Munkhnasan Dungu
Ulaanbaatar-51, P.O.Box-228, Mongolia
+976 99832249