Nona Asri Indonesia

Nona Asri Indonesia is established in 2010 , one of group dance and music in Indonesia, always present dance and traditional music, which are very spectacular and very interesting you've never met. "Bhineka Tunggal Ika Dance" Dance and music is medley of the group which is very ethnic and interesting. The Group has collaborated and in cooperation with several schools, universities, and many art clubs, cultures lovers and communities, who are interested in preservation of cultural, with combination of expertness and experiences. We are also to build cooperation with worldwide country in order to introduce the artistic Indonesian culture. The group vision is to improve and to remain Indonesian culture in dance and music, working with a mission to introduce Indonesian culture to international world toward good relationship in cultural exchanges. Nona Asri Indonesia is one of group music and dance traditional of Indonesia, always present dance and music which very spectacular and very interesting you’ve never met. The Group participated in national and international platforms of Seoul, South Korea, Brunnei Darassalam., Mexico, Australia, china, USA, Dubai, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Austria, Russia & Italy.
Mrs. Amanah Asri
Cluster Vancouver Blok U A 3 Kota Wisata, Cibubur
+62 813 149 389 89