NADIIA KOZACHENKO NADIIA KONONOVA, Folk crafts master, decorator, collector and restorer of antique clothes, designer of clothes, jewellery and accessories, florist designer. Nadiia Kozachenko (Nadiia Kononova) is a well-known Ukrainian folk crafts master, ethnographer and collector of antiques from Ukrainian culture. Collecting antique costumes and accessories is an inexhaustible source of creativity for the designer, known […]

KOBYCHEVA Liudmyla, Folk master, author’s collages Assemblage

SECRETS OF NATURAL MATERIALS         LIUDMYLA KOBYCHEVA   The artist was born in 1946 in a creative family. After graduating from Kyiv State University, she worked as a lawyer, including teaching at the University of Aden (South Yemen). But she was able to realize her creative potential only after her retirement, having […]

Luigi Sara – hairstyles and hairpins

Since when I was I child I’ve been intrigued by the Sperada/Raggiera history, a very elaborated ornament, worn by women in Brianza and considered also as “Head Silver”, its uses and multiple stories. My research began in the early 90, when I retired, and when I try to seek the origins from storiers told from […]

Angelina Petrova (Angelina Pan) – decorator & designer

ANGELINA PETROVA (ANGELINA PAN) Decorator, designer, People’s Master of Ukraine, Head of the People’s Studio of Fine and Decorative Arts “Modern Tradition” of the Cultural and Art Center of Darnytskyi district. Member of the Ukrainian Association of Handicrafts (UAHA). She was born on June 26, 1956. In 1993, she graduated from the Ukrainian-Slovak Joint Venture […]

YANA VLASENKO-BERNATSKA master of Samchykivka painting

Yana Vlasenko-Bernatska is an artist and master of Samchykivka painting. She is teacher and working as a volunteer. She was born on December 7, 1974, in Kyiv in the family of artist Yuri Vlasenko and a leading teacher of economics and management Tetiana Vlasenko. In 1994, she graduated from the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative […]

Elephant forehead decoration, Teyyam costume, Traditional Mural painting

 Dr. V. Jayarajan, chairman Detailed describing of the activities: Nettipattam (Elephant forehead decoration) Nettipattam (Elephant forehead decoration) is a glittering ornament that is used to adorn the foreheads of elephants in temple festivals. The ornament is a symbol of pride and elegance and it is believed that the ornament brings peace and prosperity in the […]

Rajan Vankar -Traditional Kutch Weaving

Detailed describing of the activities: Rajan Vankar is a fourth-generation textile Master Weaver Artisan who was born into a traditional weaving family living in the Sarli village located in the Kutch region of India. He and his family have been creating intricately woven textiles for six generations. Rajan learned their traditional weaving techniques by watching […]

Tingieterij Holland – Pewter Foundry Holland

Beschrijving: Tingieters maken hun eigen legeringen bestaande uit zuiver tin aangevuld met antimoon en/of koper. Om tin te kunnen gieten zijn zogenaamde gietvormen nodig. Deze kunnen gemaakt zijn van gietzand, brons, aluminium, ijzer of hittebestendige rubbers/siliconen. De tingieter is kan zijn eigen gietvormen te maken. Afhankelijk van het te maken eindproduct worden de onderdelen in […]

Rosario Altadonna – bagpipe and flute handmaker

Rosario Altadonna was born in Messina in 1979 from an early age he joined the Mata and Grifone Folk Group (FITP) in 1985 directed by Maestro Orazio Grasso. Thanks to the group, he began touring Italy and the world very early on to spread his traditions. Growing up, he undertakes research on Popular Traditions, specializing […]

Luigi Stabile – bagpipe and flute handmaker

Luigi Stabile is a famous Calabrian Musician and Maker of Popular Instruments. For years engaged in the research, study and repetition of traditional instruments and repertoires, especially for the “Ciaramella”, the tambourine, the “Calabrian lira” and the “zampogna”. Virtuous multifaceted instrumentalist and “Poet of Ancient Sounds”, Luigi over the years, in close contact with the […]