Dětský folklórní soubor Javorníček Brno

  Children folklore ensemble Javorníček Brno, Czech Republic The ensemble commenced its activities in 1958 when the adult group called ”Vlajka Mladi“ (Flag of Youth) launched a project for children and named it ”Vlajecka“ (Little Flag) which was later re-named to Javornicek. The founders were Marie and Josef Cap and even after Josef passed away, […]

Ensemble Kinanthi Budaya – Indonesia

Kinanthi Budaya, Jakarta Indonesia Kinanthi Budaya is an art and culture organization and community. Seeing the fact that traditional art in the country is losing its number of creations. Kinanthi Budaya was established in 2012 in order to conserve traditional art of Indonesia. Folklore countries that had been visited by Kinanthi Budaya are Czech Republic, […]

Folkloregroep Oost-Nederland

The Folkloric dance group Oost Nederland consists of enthusiastic dancers and musicians from a number of groups from the Achterhoek and Twente (regions in the eastern part of the Netherlands). The group is composed to participate in Folklore Festivals outside of Western Europe. The Achterhoek and Twente are home to a number of folkloric dance […]

Aald Hielpen

The ensemble ‘Aald Hielpen’ is one of the oldest traditional costume group in the Netherlands.(1912) The colourful traditional costumes, the traditional songs and old handicrafts are the of such a great value that it never may disappear. The ensemble has a wide variety of performances and has visited many foreign countries.

Gruppo Folkloristico Miromagnum

Il “Gruppo Folkloristico Miromagnum” nasce e si costituisce in un paesino di montagna, alle porte della regione Calabria, nel sud Italia, negli anni 1980/1981, precisamente a Mormanno (CS),nel cuore del Parco Nazionale del Pollino, animato da forti intenzioni di preservare l’immenso bagaglio di tradizioni, che caratterizzano l’amato luogo d’origine. Viene portato a battesimo con il […]

Les Echasseurs Namurois – Namur, Belgium

600 YEARS OF JOUSTING ON STILTS IN NAMUR (BELGIUM) For 6 centuries, two companies of stilts (a regional term for a wader who jousts on stilts) have regularly clashed to the delight of spectators. On one side, the Melans representing the old town with their yellow and black stilts. On the other, the Avresses, representing […]

Rondalla de la Peña Fragatina – Fraga, Spain

Our challenges are to show and disseminate Aragonese folklore and enhance the cultural heritage of our City, showing, in addition to our dances and our voices, the rich and varied costumes, the typical feminine hairstyles and those roots and customs that identify us as fragatinos and Aragonese. For this reason, we also work on the […]

Folkland International Centre for Folklore and Culture

An NGO promoting folklore and culture, housed in Payyanur, Kerala. It is a registered society under the Indian Societies Act of 1860 and has been in existence since 1989. Main domains – performing arts, oral traditions, crafts, rituals and festivals. The ensemble has about 15 performers in a mixed team (male & female) and the […]

Jaynii Cultural Troupe

JayNii Cultural Troupe is an Entertainment, Talent developing and Booking group in Ghana that develop African cultural talents, showcase African Arts and Culture, equip the youth with employable and entrepreneurial skills in the Creative Arts field to empower them and cut down the unemployment rate. JayNii produces African Artistes, Musicians, Acrobats, Cultural/traditional performers with incredible […]