IOV Government

General Assembly
All IOV members are part of the General Assembly (GA) and are eligible to vote for their country. It elects officers, adopts and amends bylaws, and grants honorary membership. The GA meets every second year.
Executive Committee
The IOV Executive Committee (EC) consists of the president, secretary-general, 2 vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer. Members are elected by majority vote of the GA for a term of four years. The adviser of the Financial Support Commission is added to the EC. The EC considers all matters before the organization and makes recommendations to the board of directors. The EC meets monthly.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (DB) consists of the 6 members of the Executive Committee, 5 Commission Chairs, 6 Regional Executive Directors, 1 older meritorious person and 2 co-opted members. The Honorary President is added to the BD. The BD is the body which implements IOV programs and projects on recommendation of the EC.The BD meets four times a year.
The bylaws specifically authorize 5 commissions; the chair of each commission is a member of the BD. The commissions are: (1) Festivals and Practices, (2) Science, Research and Financial, (3) Communication and Publications, (4) IOV Youth and (5) Special Projects. Commissions are organized on regional, sub regional and national level as well.
In accordance with Unesco rules, IOV has 6 regions. Each region is coordinated by a Regional Executive Director (RED), which is a member of the BD. The regions are: (1) Africa, (2) America, (3) Asia, (4) Europe, (5) Oceania and (6) Middle-East & North-Africa (MENA). The regions are organized on sub regional level as well.
The bylaws specifically authorize 4 committees. The committees elect their own chair. The chairs can be invited to attend meetings of the EC or the BD. The committees are: (1) Internal Audit Committee, (2) Dispute Resolution Committee, (3) Elections Committee and (4) legal Committee.